Toby and Murray

Toby went to Murray’s this week. Murray is also a superhero just like Toby. So they fit together as friends just perfect. They are enjoying a bat snack together.

The next day Murray hung out with Toby doing farm stuff: Strong River, Slicks pool, swimming in the lake, & playing with Toby’s batman house.

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Girl Camp Day 5

Day 5 was an awesome last day for camp. This is how we traveled to and from the river and the pool each time. It was perfect. I went super slow with all this precious cargo!

We made another trip to the river because it was such a fun thing they did this week. Love this Ta-Da picture of them.

I let Maggie come with us on the last day. She loves the river but I knew she’d have to ride in the back with the girls.

Toby went to Murray’s house on Day 4 so we returned the favor on Day 5. We had an extra boy at girl camp. He had so much fun playing with Toby and all the girls too! He hung right with them. So thankful Toby has good friends!
Camp was great this year! Not too much drama. It’s girls so you gotta have a little of it. It was fun getting to know new campers! I look forward to having them back in 2013!

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Girl Camp Day 4

Day 4 started out with sidewalk chalk. It looked like a crime scene with all the bodies that were traced!

Gage spent the night with Nana & Slick the night before but was up bright & early asking if he could walk back across the pasture so he wouldn’t miss any of girl camp. Can’t you tell he’s having a blast!

Carson & Skyler were 2 of my egg hiders for our egg hunt.

All of the finders had to share their candy with the hiders afterwards. It was a fun activity because after the hunt we all took a minute to break open all the eggs and eat all the candy!

Caroline & I were in “sinking sand.”. The girls loved me being shorter because several were eye level & even taller than me because the sand got almost up to my knees.

Natalie turned 6! We got to sing Happy Birthday and eat yummy cupcakes with her.

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Girl Camp Day 3

We hung out on Day 3 for a little while because we had a few late campers. They love to swing on the porch swing and sing silly songs. They also love riding their bikes.

1,2,3 jump! The Strong River has been a fun new addition to summer camp. They can do so many things down there. Plus you never know what it’ll look like when we get there. The sandbars change shape & size daily.

It’s always fun to have an Easter egg hint at camp. This yr I had the girls help me stuff the eggs.

Toby found a harmonica in the bag and thought it was so fun to play.

Nana & Slicks pool is something I’m very thankful to be able to use. The girls love it as a different place to swim. Plus I have tons of dive sticks for them to play with.

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Girl Camp Day 2

Day 2 started off with the girls playing on our fort in the backyard. Toby loved them swinging him high in the sky on the trapeze!

I showed them Millie & Wilbur. They also loved collecting the eggs from the chickens. I picked Wilbur up so they could hear him squeal like a pig!

The girls loved the lake. They do all kinds of tricks…jump off the picnic table, go under the pier, & swim out to the big white pipe.

Movie time is always a must at summer camp so we can have a bit of down time before heading back out for an adventure.

Snack today was boiled peanuts and it was a huge hit! Plus we also had “dirt cookies!”

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Girl Camp Day 1

Girl camp has been this week. 12 girls and some or all of my boys. It’s wild and crazy but we are having fun. This is our group picture the first morning.

Dixie loves to go to the Strong River with us. She digs and digs and digs in the sand…

Then lays down in the cool sand to relax!

We are thankful for Nana & Slicks pool that the allow us to use each day. The girls love it. So do my boys with all these friends! We bring lots of goggles and dive sticks.

We try to do crafts too! This is us making pom pom pine one Cmas trees!

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Ocean Fishing

These boys loved fishing off the pier. Carson really got into it! He caught 2 fish in 1 cast!

Gage had fun but he also enjoyed going with me and Toby to the splash park.

This was the coolest crane. He let us get so close to him.
Lots of different fish were caught: oyster fish, red fish, trout, croker, and saltwater catfish. Plus someone gave Carson the stinger on a stingray.

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